11 Advantages of Student Database Management System

Schools are too large today by having different departments, branches, and a bunch of students. So, the management of an educational institute is a much time-consuming and challenging task. Thus moving from a manual school management system towards a digital system is a crucial need for schools of this era.

As there are several students so, it is a difficult task to maintain data and also tough to track the information of pupils. An electronic school software provides a module of student database management. Through which tracking of a student’s record at any time is much comfortable. Here are some advantages of student’s database management system in the following:

1. Biometric attendance system:

As you have information of all students on the computerized system. So, through this system, you can manage attendance through a biometric system of students and staff. It will save the time of the teacher in a class by removing the paper-based attendance. It will also protect from proxies of students. It is also beneficial in calculating leaves and working days of staff and pupils.

2. Reports management:

The student’s database helps you to generate any report. Such as fees, performance, transport, and attendance reports. There is no need to write data of each student on each report. You can easily print the data by tracking it from the database. It allows the management team to customize the reports as they need.

3. Automated timetable:

In paper-based school management systems. Teachers arrange timetables manually, that is much frustrating task. Now schools can generate schedules automatically. By tracking the needs of each student from the database module of school administration software. The automated schedule will be error-free and reliable. 

4. Sharing data to different departments:

As there are many departments in schools. Thus you can share data between different departments who have authorized access to the database. It also allows the database administrator to enable access to databases up to the different levels to various departments.

5. Back-up and recovery:

If, in any case, you lost your data, the database will help you to back-up recover your data. For example, if the computer fails while adding or updating the data in the database. Then the sub-module data recovery and back-up will be responsible for making sure that the data is saved. 

6. Admission management

The admission process can be hectic for every educational institute. But through a database management system, it can be much easy to manage for admission authorities. It also allows you to get online registrations. Students can fill the admission form and can attach their documents. All data will be saved in the database. This process makes the admission more secure and faster.

7. Transport management:

It will help you to manage transport, as you will know how many students are using school transport. It will help you to plan routes according to the addresses of students. Through this system, you can also send any kind update to parents regarding transport. For example, breakdown, route changing, etc.

8. Minimize data redundancy:

In the file system, you have to write the same information in many places. In other words, you have to save duplicate records because every department ha its own files. It creates data redundancy that wastes time and resources. In the database system, all departments are connected to a single database, so you need to save a record just one time. 

9. Tracking and updating:

Through the database, you can track information of any student at any time and also can update at any time. In the file system, if you want to update any record, then you have to rewrite the whole history. But the electronic school software allows you to update any record through the database.

10. Cost-Effective:

It reduces the cost because it removes the mess of paperwork. While managing through paperwork, more labor and resources are required. But database management eliminates this paperwork that automatically reduces the cost.

11. Data Security:

Using a database is more secure and reliable. There is no fear of data loss while using database management system data will be saved for a lifetime.

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